In this type of machine, the abrasive material, whether made of metallic grit or other, is projected against the surface by compressed air supplied by one or more nozzles.

In this case, the covered assumes a conical shape and covers an area directly proportional to the distance of the nozzle from the surface concerned.
These machines offer two great advantages: the ability to act locally on small specific areas with high concentration and the possibility to use steel grit or other abrasives indifferently.

Compressed air systems are divided into:

• suction systems;
• pressurized systems.

Pressurized systems offer the advantage of greater power and therefore a higher yield.
Our compressed air sandblasting machines (with suction or pressurized system) are suitable for different application fields, such as aerospace industry, automotive industry, metal structural work, stainless steel working, glassworks, building and road construction.

Free Jet Sandblasting Machines

Sandblasting tanks built according to the latest technologies and approved to European PED standards. Available 24 ÷ 300 Lt. vol. versions.

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Closed – Circuit Suction Fed Sandblasting Machines

Machine with brush head type "PR2" equipped with nozzle with Venturi ejector. Completely pneumatic, it does not require an electric power supply.

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Closed – Circuit Pressure Fed Sandblasting Machines

"PR3" type machine with brush head, equipped with nozzle and pressurized tank. Completely pneumatic, it does not require an electric power

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Suction Fed Sandblasting Cabinets

Sleeves cabinet complete with a built-in inlet filter and suction sandblasting. PROMOBLASTER cabinets are used in an increasing number of cases.

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Pressure Fed Sandblasting Cabinets

Sleeves cabinet complete with a built-in inlet filter pneumatic screen and pressure fed system. The standard version includes a 24 Lt tank.

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Automatic and Semiautomatic Sandblasting Cabinets

This type of sandblasting machines is dedicated to the glass decoration sector and the marble slabs grinding or sand blasting

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Mechanical Recovery Sandblasting Rooms

Our sandblasting rooms with mechanical recovery of the abrasive equipped with our conception scrapers “RACLOMATIC” type recovery system, screw conveyor, elevator and mechanical or magnetic separator.

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Pneumatic Recovery Sandblasting Rooms

Our pneumatic recovery sandblasting rooms of the abrasive are equipped with a special fully pneumatic system type "DELTA FLOOR"

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Internal Pipe Blasting Ancillary Equipment

The company Promeco Engineering Srl is able to propose various solutions of mechanical pickling problems using the internal shot blasting of pipes.

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Sandblasting Machines for Special Applications

The production of specific sandblasting systems to perform, in automatic, the internal and external cleaning of trays and molds.

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