The company Promeco Engineering Srl is able to propose various solutions of mechanical pickling problems using the internal shot blasting of pipes.

These solutions can be also various and different, accordingly with the type of applications and the productivity. Mainly this application is done by a rotating nozzle that proceeds along the axles of the pipe with a speed opportunely chosen according to the thickness of the rust, which have to be removed, and the pipe diameters.

The most efficient system for the abrasive recovery is to use an air flux along the pipe, having a sufficient speed to convey the abrasive and debris. With this system, it is possible to treat the pipes in a horizontal position or even in place. Obviously, this is possible depending on the diameter of the pipe and it is possible to reach diameters of about 150 mm without auxiliary devices.

We also have available special nozzles of our design with lateral launch or for 360° sandblasting.