Machine with brush head type “PR2” equipped with nozzle with Venturi ejector.
Completely pneumatic, it does not require an electric power supply for the abrasive suction.

The “PR2” machine is a portable sandblasting machine, which works with suction compressed air with a complete vacuum system for the recovery and the regeneration of the abrasive.

It is designed for use with a brush-sandblasting gun.
With the brush-sandblasting gun, the blasting operation andinstantaneous recovery of the abrasive are confined within the body of the sandblasting gun: this peculiarity allows to carry out a blasting operation in perfect absence of dust, in open locations, without the need for special screens and suits or protections in general, allowing the continuation of normal operations and functions in the immediate vicinity.

The abrasive is sucked from the storage hopper by the air stream generated through an air ejection, and carried to the blasting nozzle. The storage hopper is not pressurized and therefore can provide for long time a continuous blasting operation.

The hopper is not pressurized and the machine can operate continuously but with a lower intensity jet than the one obtained in pressure-fed machines. Thanks to the continuity of work, this machine is suitable for long and continuous sandblasting operations.

The blasting gun is of easy handling.

The use of various types of abrasives such as corundum or glass microspheres is foreseen. Alternatively, metal abrasives (only medium – fine grades), metal or cast iron grit (spherical or angular) can also be used. The model includes the generator – recuperator and the dust collector mounted on the carriage together.

The abrasive recovery system employs a suction air line generated by the air ejector built into the dust collector.
The unit is supplied equipped with blasting gun, air abrasive valve contro pipes and hoses 10 ft. (mt.3) long. The machines is mounted on wheels, and doesn’t require the electrical power supply

Excellent for glass decorations, graffiti cleaning, adjustments to be carried out during construction, cleaning by welding seams, paint stripping and cleaning of areas located on fixed structures or difficult to move (such as panels and metal in general).