This category includes different categories that are distinguished by shot blasting machines with doors or with full passage.

Shot blasting machine with door

We offer blasting machines with door that differ in the size of the ideal cylinder to be treated (Øxh in mm) and for the number of wheels supplied.

The models available are:

VR5 VANGUARD – dim. Øxh 900 x 1300 – 2/3 wheels

VR12/18 – dim. Øxh 1200 x 1800 – 3 wheels

VR10/3 –  dim. Øxh 1200 x 2500 – 3 wheels

VR20/4 – dim. Øxh 2500 x 3500 – 4 wheels

Full passage shot blasting machines

This category of shot blasting machines includes three models that differ in terms of the maximum cross-section size and the number of wheels supplied (up to 16 wheels).

The models available are:

VPT 75 – section 750 X 2500 mm – 8 wheels

VPT 150 section 1500 x 2500 mm – 8 wheels

VPT 250 –  section 2500 x 2500 mm – 16 wheels

Normally, these kind of machines are used in the case of vertical shot blasting of panels, pylons, structures, frames, prefabricated walls, etc.
On request, it will be possible to equip all the models with a manual shot blasting chamber for the finishes.