Our sandblasting rooms with mechanical recovery of the abrasive equipped with our conception scrapers “RACLOMATIC” type recovery system, screw conveyor, elevator and mechanical or magnetic separator.

Air intake with a separate circuit and dust collection through filters.
The floor is supported on a concrete surface levelled and smoothed about 20 to 30 cm. divided into longitudinal sections, made up by reciprocating scrapers activated alternately by “forward” and “back” commands.

Each of these sections includes a number of longitudinal blades of scrapers. The length of the floor determines their number.

The operation of the squeegee is simple, it remains in an upright position when it has to push the abrasive and is lifted by turning, once he moves backwards.

The succession of these alternative movements transfers the abrasive throughout the room and pours it into a screw pump located on the rear head of the room.

The rooms are also available in the version without foundations, with a tank on the floor.