The range of this type of shot blasting machine named HELYGO includes three models depending on the size of the pieces to be treated.

The models of shot blasting machines Helygo in particular are:

  • Helygo 5-35
    for dimensions min. 50 mm and max. 350 mm
  • Helygo 6-38
    for dimensions min. 6 0 mm and max. 3 8 0 mm
  • Helygo 35-50
    for dimensions min. 3 50 mm and max. 50 0 mm

The Helygo shot blast machines are based on a particular advancement of the cylindrical pieces to be treated (tubes or cylinders) given by a biconical rollers way that gives, with the advancement of the pieces, a rotary and translatory motion with the forward motion.

The shot blasting machines in question essentially consist of:

  • A machine body with a pre-chamber and a post-chamber;
  • A inlet and outlet roller way;
  • A unit for the recovery and regeneration of the abrasive;
  • A cartridge filtration unit (separated from the machine).