The machines of this type are characterized by the abrasive projection system, which is obtained by centrifugal projection of the same against the surface to be cleaned.

The great potential of launching of these machines make them suitable for the treatment of large surfaces in a short time.

The shot blasting machines of our production are suitable in various fields of application such as, for example, the automotive industry, metal structural work, foundries, tanks and cylinders, sheets and profiles, plastic industry, electroplating industry.

Shot Blast Machines for Special Applications

Our company has studied a complete plant particularly suitable for cleaning pieces connected to the galvanic industry.

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External Pipe Shot Blast Machines

The range of this type of shot blasting machine named HELYGO includes three models depending on the size of the pieces to be treated.

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Lpg Bottles Reclaiming Shot Blast Machines

The shot blast machine MOD. 2 GR 360/900 was expressly studied for the external shot blasting of LPG cylinders and similar in automatic

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Rotary Table Shot Blast Machines

This category of shot blasting machines includes three models that differ in the size of the table on which the pieces to be treated are placed

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Roll Conveyor Shot Blast Machines

The roll conveyor shot blast machines of our production are intended as treatment lines for sheets and profiles highly reliable and cheap, thanks to their high performance, sturdy and accurate construction.

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Hook Shot Blast Machines

This category includes different categories that are distinguished by shot blasting machines with doors or with full passage.

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