Sandblasting tanks built according to the latest technologies and approved to European PED standards.
Available 24 ÷ 300 Lt. vol. versions.

Our sandblasting machines work with a compression system and with any type of abrasive.
They are sold with test certficates of the italian vigilance authority in charge.

They are built in three versions:

Type M: with manual commands.
Type P: with pneumatic remote control commands, located on the handgrip (as in the picture).
Type EP: with electro-pneumatic remote control commands (24V), located on the handgrip or on the belt.


Tungsten carbide nozzles from diam. 5 to diam. 12, special nozzles (Venturi hole, multi-way, etc.), abrasive air hose diam. 30 mm. (for Venturi nozzle) max. 30 m., condense separator with draining tap, air hose for safety helmet and for remote control, pressure reducer, abrasive level controlled by electronic probe, safety helmet with a leather front part (ask our brochure), protective gloves, wheels for easy displacement, pressure reducer with filter and manometer for safety helmet.


Abrasive flow regulator, hopper with sifter, control manometer, air control valve, air connection for operator safety helmet, nozzle holder, safety valve calibrated and tested for 7 Ate.