“PR3” type machine with brush head, equipped with nozzle and pressurized tank.
Completely pneumatic, it does not require an electric power supply for the abrasive suction.

The abrasive contained in the pressure pot is sent to the blasting nozzle through the adjustable feed valve. During the shot blasting operation the abrasive, the dust and debris are all continuously recovered and pneumatically conveyed to the reclaimer. The recovery vacuum is produced by an air ejector.

All the materials that arrive to the recovery unit pass through a cyclone that separates the abrasive from the finest dust and debris that are conveyed to the filter: the clean abrasive is sieved, to separate it from the larger debris, and sent to the hopper, ready to be put back into circulation.

The sandblasting and abrasive recovery operations are confined inside the brush head body, thus guaranteeing the absence of dust without the need for special protections.

The “PR3” sanders, due to their versatility and easy transport, are increasingly used in finishing processes for entire surfaces or parts of them.

Quadruple blasting strength compared to the PR2 type suction version.

Very suitable for:

  • crimping;
  • soldering iron cleaning;
  • stainless steel pickling;
  • cylinders blasting before plating;
  • surfaces roughening for rubber or metal application;
  • sandblasting for medium-sized pieces;
  • cleaning up graffiti;
  • adjustments to be made during construction.