Thanks to the combination of our shot blast machines with doors and a cryogenic system, our company has studied a complete plant particularly suitable for cleaning pieces connected to the galvanic industry.

In this way, the cleaning by blasting will take place after immersion of the pieces in a tank with liquid nitrogen for a suitable residence time.

We offer the following models, depending on the size of the ideal cylinder to be treated ( Øxh in mm) and the number of wheels supplied:

VR10/3 –  dim . Øxh 1200 x 2500 – 3 wheels
VR20/4 – dim . Øxh 2500 x 3500 – 4wheels

The circular cryogenic tank for liquid nitrogen, laid in foundations, is equipped with cover in two or four sections with relative movement and basket for removal of waste. In addition, there is a suction system of nitrogen gasses made by a pipe, completely in stainless steel with its fan.